This usually arises when the main muscle for opening the upper eyelid (Levator Palpebrae Superioris) is damaged, disinserted or stretched. Correction requires surgical repair of the pathology to match the fellow eye. Intra-operative comparison with the ‘normal’ eye is essential to reproduce a cosmetically acceptable solution. Occasionally, this condition can affect both eyes and in this case, it is crucial to rule out any underlying condition which affects the whole person (eg. myasthenia gravis). In this situation, treatment of the disease will result in automatic correction of the drooping eyelids. Hence, a full systemic evaluation is essential and we will coordinate with the appropriate specialist physician.

The appearance of drooping eyelids can also be the result of stretching of the upper eyelid skin and herniation of the orbital fat into the eyelid. If left untreated, this condition can give rise to an apparent decrease in the field of vision which can affect one’s ability to work, drive and operate machinery safely. In this situation, surgery is not considered as a cosmetic but as functional correction.

This is a purely cosmetic procedure done to enhance one’s appearance by the creation of an upper eyelid crease. This is one of the most highly sorted procedures in Asian countries, especially Thailand and Korea.

A sliver of skin and fat is removed from the upper eyelids of both eyes. It is essential the correct amount of skin and fat is removed in order to achieve a natural look.

There are several methods of performing this operation – With or without stitches. Dr. Vanniasingham will advise you on the best method suited for you. It is important when considering look enhancing procedures to have realistic expectations.

The Asian Eye look is very common amongst the Thais, Koreans and Chinese. This is normal and actually very attractive. However, some individuals would like to have a slightly different look. There are many personal reasons for this and you do not have to divulge this information, but you must have realistic expectations.

There are some who feel that the refashioning of their eyes will automatically make them the ‘Face of L’Oréal’. Please note that this may not necessarily be the case and perhaps this operation may not be suitable for you. But should you feel that your appearance and confidence will enhance, then you should go for it!

The way to remedy this problem would be surgical removal of the prolapsed fat via an incision inside the eyelid or through the natural crease in the lower eyelid. This is to ensure that good cosmetic result is achieved. It is crucial that too much fat is not removed as this will give rise to an unhealthy hollowed out appearance. Also, the correct amount of skin must be removed as too little will result in skin fold (pseudo bag) and too much, an outward turning (everted) lid.

Upper eyelid ‘fullness’ is also due to fat herniation and stretching of the thin upper lid. It is imperative that this condition is corrected adequately but not over-corrected.

Condition when either one of the eyelids turn inwards causing the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball causing discomfort. This can be remidied by correcting the eyelid's supporting muscle and structure.

The lower eyelid can occationally sag resulting in a 'gap'between the lower eyelid and eyeball. This tends to present as a watery eye. Can easily be corrected by a minor tightening procedure.